Thursday, May 1, 2008

Suzannah B. Troy, Lotus land healing from trauma, reposting my poem

I am reposting my poem because I feel like a Viet Nam Vet having a flash back...have to calm myself, breathe and walk.   When I make a reference to Lotus Tattoos, that is a reference to my beloved home aka East Village and Barbara Carellas who wrote Urban Tantra, a muse for  lost tattoos in my poem.     She and I are mentioned in the new piece by my best friend being published soon on line about sexual empowerment so I will let you know....

Sunday, April 13, 2008
lotus land healing from trauma

lotus tattoos,
now I see lots of lotus, not tattoos or flowers just cars,
lotus symbology spirituality,
east coast LA with no public transportation
I want to make it up this hill on a bicycle too big for me, I worry the hill is too big for me,
I doubt my self, a Bentley speeds by me though the speed limit says 30,
I make it up the hill despite my lack of confidence.
i walk, lotuses bentleys, ferrari convertibles pass me by,
because I am doing something shockingly radical I stand out
far more than the ultra status symbols,
I am walking, walking, people wave, flash their lights,
some stop and ask if I need a ride, some ask for directions
but I don't know because I am not from around here.
Just recovering from trauma, just recuperating
good people have given me shelter...I am resting, I am eating,
I am walking, I am healing.