Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bloomberg Quinn Rudin Scott Stringer Christmas No Hospital W. Village

I am told a car pulled up with a passenger doubled over in need of a hospital.  Sad to say we don’t have video.

Taxi cabs to pedestrians cheered on the efforts of the protests including at least two that will spend the entire night out in the cold to symbolically make the point the entire neighborhood on the West Side from mid-town, Chelsea, W. Village to Battery Park have no trauma 1 full service hospital anymore. Louis Flores with other community activists and Occupy Wall Street Health Care folks protesting outside St. Vincent’s -- New Yorkers left out in the cold.

I have more videos coming -- just very tired....will post tomorrow or Monday.

For Perverts who Call Folks Pervs but really are -- I don’t like this photo at all toilet The Lion West Village Chapelle

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lies and Hiding behind a camera

This is a huge photo blown up by a really sick person who cyber stalked me and led a racist anti-semitic gay bashing attack as if gay is bad and I must be gay for rejecting him.   He lied about me and wrote a friend in 3rd person which was forwarded to the NYPD.  The NYPD had a special relationship with him and the precinct has a bad reputation so no surprises.

And these a series of photos smaller and I kept them as evidence in a potential criminal or civil suit.  It involves other people so I won’t say more.  I was told to keep them even sell them but I don
t want them.

Who knew what sicko -- railing against what he must envied and lusted for.   What a fake and a poser as the city is filled with many but yet not all black and white...he did do some good work and the photos were beautiful yet he lost his soul and his humanity along with his compassion and he and his Rush Limbaugh gang bared their ugly.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Michael Moore book signing Here Comes Trouble St. Marks Bookstore Tomorrow!

A note from Cooper Sq. Committee:  Michael Moore at book signing tomorrow St. Marks -- see details down below....

From Suzannah B. Troy Artist 

Dear Michael Moore:  Would love to chat about Bloomberg SAIC CityTime ECTP Northrup Grumman and the BIGGEST White Collar Crimes ever NYC gov....and all under Bloomberg with the help of his mini-me Christine Quinn who wants to be mayor next and Wall St. is donating it’s bail-out money big time to her campaign....

Michael I want to talk to you  but how Cooper Union, NYU jr. is destroying and displacing communities like Columbia U. abusing eminent domain to move an entire neighborhood called Manhattanville but I will be celebrating the Jewish New Year.

Maybe you can further shame NYU jr. aka Cooper Union from not evicting St. Marks Bookstore which can’t afford to be on St. Mark’s anymore or any where in the E. Village because of Cooper Union, NYU, NYU mega-dormed the E. Village to death, NY Law has a mega dorm next to the Hells Angels and SVA all confusing the community with dorm fodder and they use their not for profit status as a tax shelter and bust thru zoning using the term “community facility”but they exclude the facility.  I demand community outreach centers in every University “community facility” so Michael Moore shame Cooper Union.

Cooper Union has this “neogtiating with terrorists” but for some reason Cooper Union did not included themselves as terrorists and NYU as well as Columbia U. in this EVENT.   

Below the email from Cooper Square  Committe and FYI here is one example how Fran and Joyce a true heres .....  Jason tells us how he is fighting cancer.  Without Joyce and the work she does he and his Mom could have been homeless living in a shelter after the mass eviction at 47 East 3rd St.

Jason’s positive attitude is heroic and he has beaten the cancer and having a home may have helped as much as being a victim of mass eviction must have hurt.

We at the Cooper Square Committee want to thank you for signing the St Mark's Bookshop Petition.

We have an unexpected update: 
Michael Moore will be at the bookstore tomorrow, Thursday at 7 pm to sign his new exciting book "Here Comes Trouble."    

Yesterday the Public Affairs Office at Cooper Union, the St. Mark's Bookshop's landlord, sent out a letter saying Cooper Union's Board was asking its Finance and Business Affairs Committee to examine the request to lower the bookstore's rent from its current $20,000 a month. The outcome will be announced at the end of October. 

We believe that Cooper Union is stonewalling this issue, hoping our community will forget about the bookstore.  We need you to send this petition out to all of your friends and family today.  Help us reach 50,000 signatures by the middle of October.  


Frances Goldin, a founder of the Cooper Square Committee, and 
Joyce Ravitz, Chairperson

p.s. Michael -- it is  Suzannah -- can we talk about the Haggerty Trial how  Bloomberg is doing to the justice system what he did to democracy when he and his mini-me Christine  Quinn denied us a referendum.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last 2 Public Hearings Lives At Risk No Hospital W. Village Speak Out Against Rudin/North Shore/LIJ Proposal

Lives at risk with no West Side Hospital/Trauma I Center
Everyone urged to come and speak out at the last two public hearings against steamroller train  Rudin/NorthShore/LIJ proposal to install a "Duane Reade on Stretchers" non-hospital emergency room in St. Vincent's O'Toole Building 7th Ave and 12th St.

 9//2011 Community Board Public Health Hearing
Village Community School 272 W. 10th St
6:30 pm
Wednesday is last day to register to attend  the  final New York State Department of Health Hearing being  held 10 am on Thursday September 22, at 90 Church Street 4th Floor.
Must call Colleen Frost 518-402-0964 or Email
Re: CON # 111531  (Lenox Hill/NorthShoreLIJ)
Picture I.D. needed at door.

Monday, September 19, 2011

USPS Sucks Big Fat Butt
above watch first minute -- do you think someone at the USPS stole the contents of her package?
USPS stealing meds from Veterans' mail

1 min and half in to this youtube she says there is a hole in the package and her bracelet gone.
USPS could not find her address.  She says USPS horrible.  She hates them.

USPS lost her package

The USPS lets thugs intimidate, threaten customers even steal and they are not fired but this employee was falsely accused of stealing 78 dollars?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bloomberg Weprin Turner Democrats Destroying Party Drop Quinn!
I forecasted correctly bloomberg might not win due to Voter Anger! My work was removed from YouTube as in brought down and by Mike Bloomberg's cyber stalking thugs committing aggravated harassment? How low would Bloomberg's people go? Ask John Haggerty.

Dark day for the People of New York City and for the DA as well Internal Affairs

Monday, August 29, 2011

Whole Earth Bakery & Kitchen Hurricane Earthquake Economy

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tompkins Riots and Bloomberg Tsunami of community crushing development...
Tougher than ever for small businesses to survive.

Monday, July 25, 2011

First Day of Marriage Equality in New York - Connecting Rainbows Video

Louis Flores’s 1st version of this video had the audio banned because he used Bette Milder’s song “Going to The Chapel” so here is the new one with over a 1,000 hits on the first day!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Giuseppi Logan Needs Support Money Update

Click the above link and learn how to help Giuseppi Logan!

Yetta Kurland Saves Peter Silvestri Vegan Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen From Marshals and EVICTION! Yetta talks the talk and walks the walk

Yetta Kurland got in front of a Judge by 5 of 5:00 PM and saved the day!  

The landlord set Marshal on Peter but Yetta fought them off! 

Plenty people talk about helping small businesses but Yetta Kurland saved the day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Suzannah wishing she could do an ironic take-off on Demi Moore pregnant cover Vanity Fair

I have been trying,  even sat on a stage and had a friend photograph me but could not get a photo I like of my wish to darkly parody the Demi Moore Vanity Fair pregnancy photo.

I have fibroid tumors including one that is pedunculated and although I pay a fortune for health insurance and wonder and worry about that -- the MD's I visited were awful except for one man I like.  His waiting room was backed to the brim and he was backed up for hours. The women like him so much they assured me he was worth the wait.

There was a woman growing her baby right next to her tumor.  There was an older magical Lesbian woman who told me like me she was told the fibroids go away after menopause but her fibroid did not go away and grew big and larger than a baby.  Startling but she was so optimistic and positive.  She and all the women in the waiting room loved this guy so I hung in.  I didn't even have to take off my close. He used sonar to look at my tummy.

I visited a bunch of MD's and only one creepy guy fREEEAKKED me out but the rest said if I want I could still have a baby and to just leave my body alone.  None of those chic treatments so many women except me have happily pursued.

My stomach just gets so swollen.

I have supplements I was suggested by my acupuncturist -- one called  DIM  click here to read how DIM helps shrink fibroids.

There are also several yoga books for shrinking tumors highly recommended.  There are even herbal teas but you must not taken them when you have your period or if you were preggers.

Acupuncture can heal fibroids as well.

I do think my body was stuck in fight and flight and a very traumatic experience that went on for too long allowed the release of hormones like cortisol on my body that reaked havoc and I had a lot of side effects and I believe this fibriods are just one of them.

Everything I was told about getting older has not been true.   I don't think I have shrunk anything.  I need to eat less which in this weather is not easy but I wanted to make a statement dark and ironic.

Now when I see older women with swollen tummies I wonder if they are preggers of if they have some big tumors.