Friday, January 25, 2008

Techno-Jock...long time ago donated for LAMDA legal fund raiser

Too overwhelmed to look up dates but I donated this Tehcno-jock -- floppy disk, jock strap and paint about technology and how it changed our relations to LAMDA legal fund.

post 9-11 a fireman that survived downtown told me my art was in the Fire Museum

I just took a pic of a picture of me and my art is on the bottom shelf == a color xerox -- it meant a lot to be to know I was included in this exhibition and to be told it was there by a fireman that was downtown 9-11.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

John took a picture of me Sunday watching polo bike players

verycold....wish I could run play....

xerox of one of my cat drawings...circa ?

Marathon pictures and medals '91 and '92

I can't run anymore and I miss it. I would run all over the city and it was my love letter to NYC. This was before they had the chip so I technically ran a faster marathon but just proud that I ran because I want from star athlete to big fatty in college and I didn't think I would ever make it back to being so healthy. The kimino material in the corner is a gift from my friend Akko that took the express to Heaven way too soon.

Found Karl last night and a sketch and two poems on Tompkins

I found Karl heading towards Tompkins Square Park and he was cold so I got him a hat. I hope he made it back downtown to Heuss House last night. I know his right leg was hurting him. He was sober so I bought him a cup of coffee. He doesn't "push a Cadillac" aka "shopping cart" so he wouldn't take a blanket. He is one of the few New Yorker's that is anti-clutter and I hope to lose a lot of clutter. Karl is not a lost soul. He just needs a room of his own and a safe place. I understand. We understand about needing a home and needing a safe place to call home.

This is pre--I got my reading glasses and some light...I also meant to post on so to read the cleaned up post go to my other blog.


Lost souls
sit in Tompkins Square Park
waiting as if some bus
will arrive
but it ain't ever going to arrive,
toothless, vicious cycles, broken dreams and needles,
empty bottles of alcohol and drugs,
under the stunning green canopy Tompkins


light illuminates
magnificent trees
connecting living tapestry
shelter from chaotic city
swaying softly
living canvas
enduring stories
poetry alive at peace
I am at peace rich moments precious quietude
under the stunning green tapestry

hard to read my quick notes but this is the jist of my rough real one too pretty.
Also wrote this down...

"A Survivor once said to me "when the desire to live becomes greater than the pain inflicted on you, you cease to be a victim and you become a survivor.

Leslyn Stewart widow of Det. Dillion Stewart

Monday, January 21, 2008

Women come in one size, BEAUTIFUL! Suzannah B. Troy

WOMEN'S PORN; Come Up and See Us

Published: September 5, 2004

This letter had a tribute to Mae West but really spoke up for women... Very pleased to get my double entrendre in the letter. Mae would have been proud.

visit The New York Times archive to read

me with other people's art in the Chelsea hotel

I gave away this coat as well. Michael took me to his favorite thrift shop in the East Village and I got this coat for 10 bucks but cleaning it and trying to patch it up was futile...time to let go.
not a good photo and the frame is so heavy it will be a challenge to pack this up. Tempted to take it out of the frame and pack it up...I have time to figure it out....I started to make part animal part human figures in college at Mason Gross and Leon Golub really like my paintings very much. I was inspired by American Indian art and culture as well as mythology and Egyptian art.

spiritual head phones

I made these years ago...recycled head phones with paint, sand and pieces of paper with spiritual words and thoughts. A friend actually borrowed this to give herself comfort. So sad how women are assaulted on so many levels and blamed by the was a good feeling to remember I helped someone with this art.

condom art on the shelf

bad muse -- think of Picasso and how he hurt his muses...very destructive and even though I am the artist -- it hurt -- wondered if it was a gender thing...old old stuff taking down to put away circa 1996

sexual sonar 1996

bad muse and this may look funny but it wasn' can be a purge process...old old stuff I am taking down to pack up

Ellen Kane's art in my home, Matheny School and Hospital

Ellen Kane is very beautiful...stunning soul...beaming smile...these are her wheel chair tracks. Her teacher set up paint and had her and other students roll over the paint to create beautiful art. I bought this beautiful art to support her work. I am spread to thin to keep up with everybody but I am so glad to have this art work. In process of taking art down from my walls and that includes other artists. 1998

Love Box series...greatest joy and a kind of death as well

Love Box series

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bustier with computer keys, help help cancel cancel and shoes

I think I had just had my first letter published in The New York Times about Bruno Schulz and Yad Vashem and I had jumped on a plane to Israel to go to Jerusalem and visit Yad Vashem... I came back and there was an invitation from The New Yorker for a party at the Gug and I wore this bustier with a serious white help cancel cancel a bustier with computer felt great to be wearing my art at the Gug...

Safe Sex shoes and these were in a wonderful art...but so long ago...

old drawing, circa ?

Bruno Schulz, my first letter in The New York Times, Struggle Over the Murals of Pain"

The Battle Over the Murals of Pain

The New York Times
Published: June 22, 2001
You can find the letter in The New York Times archive

My letter in The Financial Times weekend June 3/June 4, 2000

The Financial Times weekend June 3/June 4, 2000

William Packer's description of Lucien Freud's "Naked Portrait" ("Paint is back in fashion", May 16) and the courage of the FT to show the image are truly spectacular.

Women's sexuality seems to be "hidden" in the most negative shame-based way as a form of control. When women's body parts are visually displayed, it is to sell a product. The woman's body becomes "plastic"; her power from being an object directly analogous to the product.

I am not a big Freud admirer but this painting and your courage in publishing it are at the cutting edge. As a woman painter, I feel I would have more to lose than to gain if I were to produce a self-portrait like "Naked Portrait", because women are still lagging behind on all fronts -- from economic power to the most basic human rights.

I would not expect the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal to carry an image like "Naked Portrait". Bravo FT.

Suzannah B. Troy

*This was the first letter I had published. I was volunteering as Rusk, NYU with pre-school kids and I came home and saw an email from the FT...I can't express how much this letter meant and still means to me as a woman and artist and seven years later it is still true -- globally economic issues and basic human rights....the way women are treated.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

showing you old art because I am getting read to pack it up

this is all old work...
getting ready to take my art down off my walls, pack it wonderful to have real art my art and some other artists I appreciate and wanted to support by buying their work up on my walls.

muse art...this was happy musing art poerty

I started this art work inspired by muse, muses from a distance...the framing was very important to me...I wanted a gold chain link quality...excellent framer...his work is art highlighting my art.

This was the only muse phase of art making that truly brought joy to the art process. I still feel joy when I think of the art and poetry. most dyanmic frame work as you can see.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Found old drawings...irony here in the writing, drawing of cats, love my cats 1993

Dream, dreamed this morning

Dream: There was a party and I did not go in because I was unsure of the people but I did get on a motorcycle with an intense bad boy with a stunning motorcycle and we went for a ride.
There was this enormous hill and we flew over it and in to the air...we were flying in the air and he knew I was scared...I was glued to him and him read my mind...I wanted him to land the motorcycle on this grassy area and he did it...we landed softly... He did what I needed him to do for me to feel safe. I remember a retired fireman friend that always wished me soft landings...

The dream gave me immense pleasure and peace...I can still feel us flying through the air it was incredible...and the soft safe landing.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Turning the pain in to gold

I was always called a "tomboy" which is now an unacceptable term. This image is at the top of my website
and I wanted to show you it living in my home.

Techno-Cowboy, floppy disk and underwear

Some of this is on my website
but I want to put it up as I remembered it and loved it. To my left is a rack of funky earring which many I have given away or I am throwing away...With the world wide web brought the techno cowboy. Sexual frontiers changed-- expanded on line and geo-sexually in terms of politics...from expanding and redefining sex, sexuality and sexual reproduction...geo-sexual politics.

My volunteer certificates from Rusk

I am getting ready to take down a lot of my art and other cherished items that adorn the walls...gradually....that is why the photographs

series of favorite cat drawings

I am sad I could not care for this series and most are gone...when I think of all the death and destruction I just shrug it off. I loved this drawings and I kept them in the bathroom...They were of my beloved cats...

plaster casts I made of my face in collage

I am Listening...and behind him the green fellow Adam Techno head

a billionaire bad boy wanted to buy this way back when and I said no....that is another story...truth is stranger than the right is a photo of Tegla Larope a marathon runner I always deeply admired and she has done so much to help her village and people with her great heart. It was an honor to meet her. I met her a US Athletics when I was getting some healing done on my knee. To the left is a fire patch from the big fire house on Houston...The phoenix ad the bull dog which means rebirth and tenacity.
This is one in a series I jokingly called techno-chastity belt...made a very long time ago as part of technology as a 2nd skin and I recycled a walkman walk person, the most inexpensive portable tech even a poor person could carry with them to tune out the stresses and unwanted street noise etc. I collage words, paint and sand... It was made as a form of protection from people with unloving agendas.

This does not do the image justice. I love how some of the collage element is off the canvas literally. This was inspired by me and a unconventional kiss.

Monday, January 14, 2008

My art East Village plus a Dylan photo

art work I sent up to Toronto to help raise money for the rape crisis center
I mailed this in for this silent auction because I wanted to support a funder raiser for a women's rape crisis center and this dynamic woman who has created a magazine of erotica and art. It is so important for women to have our freedom to be ourselves and that includes expression. My first letter ever published was in The Financial Times praised the paper for showing an image of Lucien Freud's that let us say celebrated an older woman's flower power but I felt I and still do women globally were/are lagging behind men from economic power to basic human rights. It is a better letter than I am conveying because I am so tired and this is a charged topic for me.

I made this image a long time ago and it is a broken vase with reproductions of imagery of women from the late 1800's, early 1900's when the camera was first developed. The negative space of the broken glass forms "lips" and today I am thinking how people who are abusive blame the there is all kinds of violence....

The theme of the art show was so right I shipped this to Canada for a good cause and to let go...I want to kiss this good bye and in a positive way...
I also always wanted to add my word list because words are also my art. I can't spell and a lot of creativity came from my difficulty with spelling. I love "words". I have to make up my own words or terms to express myself.

Inner beauty switch = I have my inner beauty switch turned on.
mega dorm--we have been mega dormed to death

"Globalisation of My Privatization"

me monster = look out narcissism is a destroyer

spiritual vitamins

geo-sexual politics meaning we still ain't equal...I know feminists say we have come along way but we are capable of coming a lot more!!!

sexual cpr

virtual unreality (this term was part of a poem I had in the skylight window in bar Madame X on Houston Street but due to water damage they took out the window with my poem but they always got lots of compliments on it!) It was part of an art exhibition I had so long ago and they asked me to leave it up which of course I was happy to do. The poem is at the top of my archive page at

sexual sonar

Techno-Penis Head = Male Medusa, as usual there never seems to be any male creatures in mythology etc that has the male as destroyer so I created this painting and it is at the bottom of Women really like the painting and I have sold t-shirts and give permission to reproduce it because it clearly resonants.

Collage, paint guitar muse powered

This is a work in progress and is part of my feelings for the East Village that is being destroyed...It has 2 poems collaged on about refusing to "go protean" and the other is a poem I wrote for a muse...a wish that he dream good dreams and achieve them -- no speed limits.... I am not done with this but I am overwhelmed by the paint smells and the lack of ventilation....need to find a new place to make inspired...this muse was part "muses" that greatly inspired me and gave my heart and soul such a lift...Unlike Picasso I do not destroy muses but I don't have relationships with them either.

Techo-undies about technology impacting our lives including sexual politics

I haven't been able to keep us with documenting all my art and this is over a decade old. I started to make techno-undies, male and female...including on jock straps and boxers to comment on how technology was becoming a 2nd skin. This photo does not do justice to the art. I was thinking about how technology changed sexual politics and women were freezing their eggs and having babies with technology, not necessarily with men.