Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lies and Hiding behind a camera

This is a huge photo blown up by a really sick person who cyber stalked me and led a racist anti-semitic gay bashing attack as if gay is bad and I must be gay for rejecting him.   He lied about me and wrote a friend in 3rd person which was forwarded to the NYPD.  The NYPD had a special relationship with him and the precinct has a bad reputation so no surprises.

And these a series of photos smaller and I kept them as evidence in a potential criminal or civil suit.  It involves other people so I won’t say more.  I was told to keep them even sell them but I don
t want them.

Who knew what sicko -- railing against what he must envied and lusted for.   What a fake and a poser as the city is filled with many but yet not all black and white...he did do some good work and the photos were beautiful yet he lost his soul and his humanity along with his compassion and he and his Rush Limbaugh gang bared their ugly.