Thursday, December 27, 2012

Suzannah B. Troy Neck Treatment Retina Specialist Saturday


Physical Therapy for Neck

See surgeon jan for possible

Going home to ice tendons Achilles. Dr Rosen perscribed pain gel sort of limping.

A lot of pain from neck on down

After being violently assaulted by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist I had blood under the skin above my eye and below my eye but going to the EYE MD we found blood injury in the eye.

He sent me to Retina Specialist -- I had to drop everything clear my schedule.

My Retina MD saw and documented the blood but he did not see the tear or hole in the Retina.

I went back aprox  two weeks later and I wanted to talk but when he heard symptoms he made me stop everything and get my eyes dilated.  It was than he found the hole in my Retina and no surprise considering the blood both Eye MD's documented.

I also developed floaters in both my eyes which could come from aging but also from being assaulted not only punched in the eye but she grabbed my hair viscously and wrenched my neck back so that would be enough to cause floaters.
Too date Delita Hooks has not been arrested in my opinion because the NYPD are so corrupt and out of control and Adrian Schoolcraft audio recordings as well as other NYPD brave enough to come forward prove -- the NYPD are now documented down grading crime and or making it go away and include me being violent assaulted and I did not defend myself until she physically assaulted me three times but before that she berated me got out from behind a very long counter to stalk me and than as I left violently give me the finger.

You can hear her yell at me I am going to slap the crap out of you.

You can hear her say get out but she hangs on the door using the door for leverage to hit my hand and slap my iphone out of my hand.   She could have closed that door but it was almost like she had an NYPD fixer friend at the precinct and she knew she had her perfect scape goat piƱata.

Look up Dr. Andrew Fagelman on yelp and see Delita Hooks and gang have a bad reputation and more people are coming out to tell me how rude she is.  Yes I was told by more people about her bad attitude and People ask me why hasn't Dr. Fagelman fired her.  The Yelp reviews the negative ones say it all and my guess is Dr. Fagelman may have even asked some people to help me out and post nice reviews and last night I was harassed by someone on Delita Hooks behalf and I blocked them and they couldn't take a hint and came back with a sock puppet account.  Amazing these people have really problems no shame or empathy.

Saturday late morning I go to the Retina specialist to see him again post surgery.

News Home Arts Headlines Pictures Most read News Board Login Find a Job M&S Wine Our Papers Feedback Thursday, Dec 27 2012 9PM 37°F 12AM 32°F 5-Day Forecast The faces of poverty, despair and addiction inside 'New York's Red Light District' captured by an ex-Wall Street banker

As mayor Bloomberg, Christine Quinn, our tax payer black hole Scott Stringer Comprtoller wannabe because he can't make it in private sector all ignore poverty....

Looks who is reporting...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Google Blogger YouTube Stats Wiped Out

Fellow Political Blogger called  --- yes --- early my blog stats wiped out -- so when he called I confirmed yes wiped out again so are his.

Christine Quinn chews out reporter 1

Power corrupts.....she is a member of the boys club -- she thinks she is the next little emperor of NYC.   Explain why no protective zoning for  a hospital where St. Vincent's was -- no rape crisis center....for an open lesbian in bed with a lot of billionaire men and Emily Giske -- all growing richer as more New Yorkers live in poverty and homelessness.  Explain inviting Vito Lopez Dave Paterson to a wedding both men abusers Paterson guilty witness tampering silencing a victim of spousal abuse

Judy Kaye judge and Andy Cuomo help to make sure Dave did not go to jail than Cuomo puts him on MTA board and in return uses WOR radio show to do politic hit on Batra who exposed JCOPE are fraud.

All in the family -- one hand washes the others --- Misogynist NYC includes female members....

so corrupt look in to Paterson NYU hiring, MTA, WOR.....   Ask John Sexton -- Jon Corzine's good buddy why they hired Paterson?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

NYPD Eddie Byrne RIP No Parole For Cop Killers

Heart breaking.

Think of 2 NYPD Auxillary Officers murdered W Village.

They died at St Vincent's.

Now no hospital.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

John Waters Sex & Raunch No Adult Warning YouTube Google Suzannah B. Troy Gets Google "E-Burka" Adult Rating!

Louise Flores to Google YouTube:

It is a shame to see how blogs and YouTube videos, which discuss critical news about SAIC and the billion-dollar high-tech deals that give birth to insider dealing and mega corruption, can be labeled with adult warnings, but I've seen clips of John Waters' movies on YouTube with nudity and self-gratification scenes, but that's deemed perfectly funny by our admittedly raunchy online standards.  But as soon as a blogger starts talking about RICO charges and triple damages and civil and criminal trials, then we focus our eyes and attention on boobs, and we find reasons to restrict access to information that no msm outlet is putting out there.   I wonder what would happen if I shaved my chest and put on a pair of falsies under a bikini top ?  Would you give me a free pass, like topless YouTube clips of Edith Massey ?  Would I finally get some attention focused on my Kickstarter project ?

But then again, I'd probably get labeled as adult content by your same sick and twisted double standards, and I'd only succeed at getting warnings on my online content.   Just because all men stare at Suzannah's boobs don't mean we should drape a digital full-body cloaks (aka adult warnings) on her YouTube videos -- against her will.  Did I miss something, or isn't this exactly what you are doing to her work ?  She's too sexy even in clothes, so let's drape her videos in adult warnings like a quasi "e-burka."

 Louis Flores in Response to Suzannah B. Troy's email...

Please wake me up from this Orwellian sexual nightmare?
Suzannah B. Troy's letter in The Arts Section of The New York Time on Women and Porn -- Mae Weset Reference and Google YouTubes actions underscore what Louis Flores calls an E-Burka that I also made reference to in this letter how many years ago?

My video response....
also proves my points that women can't be heard -- it is about been seen -- the male gaze...disgusting sexual discrimination and again the misogynist censorship is applied via Google YouTube automatically without me being given a chance to respond before being removed!!!!!


Suzannah Troy Adult Warning Gerard Denault Sued SAIC

Google YouTube Censorship & Sexual Discrimination Why I wish I was Breast Feeding in My YouTube on Gerard Denault Suing SAIC and Winning + Westlane Police and Fire Suing SAIC CityTime Accusations Insider Trading Top SAIC Officials? by Suzannah B. Troy

Please wake me up from this Orwellian sexual nightmare?  Please.  I have also been threatened by Ad Sense yet again because an ex-partner in blogging that has a Google YouTube partnership so he knows better that plugs in my Ad Sense account and uses the word "orgasm" this time Paris Hilton on blog that I never even knew existed so it clear people are interferring with me.

The only thing that has not been done to me is an arrest  by Mike Bloomberg and his mini-me Christine Mae West for her broadway show SEX 

Oh look at the subject content of what I am talking about including Westlane Police and fire lawsuit siting possible insider trading.....

Google YouTube gives me no way to fight this false allegation so I am asking Google Legal via email to take a look and see there is nothing adult compared to countless YouTubes I could show in court of uber famous music videos by Lady Gaga and Pink that have not been given adult ratings about my YouTube on mega-corruption SAIC and City Hall blacked out news has?

Note the last letter writing campaign to google one letter compared me to Joan Rivers -- well if she had breasts like mine she would do what I do.

Most people are too stupid to know I am talking about the male gaze a power grab -- how Huf Hefner figured out that even the poor guy could pay a few bucks and feel like he is king gazing at a naked woman's body -- power grabs and that is what is going on in the mega corruption in NYC politics from tech contracts, lobbyists, real estate grabs and for me sexual politics and how abusively and poorly women are treated.

Wake me up from this nightmare including the largest corrupt and fraud theft NYC gov history way beyond was Preet Bharara is prosecuting and why won't he go back in Time CityTime.  Why no arrests NYC gov officials which he indicated would happen but hasn't.   Why no criminal investigation and indictments ECTP 911?  We just hired NASA for 14 million dollars and it is 2 billion 14million so Cy Vance and US Attorney won't prosecute and this is bigger corruption than CityTIme and my video more sexy and sexual than Pink having sex with herself on YouTube.  tell them Pink and Lady Gaga YouTubes more sexual and graffic so why aren't their YOuTubes banned as adult?
You can also ask that Google Adsense stop threatening me for Zennie 62's use of the word orgasm and his abuse taking my ad sense account and plugging it in his miami blog to get my ad sense account suspended clearly makes me a victim of politics including sex politics.

I made up the term Geo-sexua politics and it means we ain't equal  Why can men be topless on YOuTUbe and I can't not that I want to.  Why can't I breast feed the most family natural act you can do and talk about politics that affect the Nation's children?

Reminder my YouTube channel taken down before the mayoral election.   I got an apology 28 hours later and my YouTubes returned.  The wiki page on this was removed based on an urgent demand for removal because I am not famous enough?  Are you kidding me?  Again look at the wiki pages that are up.  Laughable

If  I was raped and murdered you would rush to report the news.  Thank you.

Thank you,

On Aug 9, 2012, at 2:18 AM, YouTube Service wrote:

YouTube          help center | e-mail options | report spam
Regarding your account:Suzannahartist
The YouTube Community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed by the YouTube Team against our Community Guidelines. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content that may not be suitable for all viewers:
Suzannah B. Troy Only One to Report Denault vs SAIC, Denault Won & More Blacked Out News!
As a result, we have age-restricted this content.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey Dream Designer Would be Walsh Metal Works

Sullivan Walsh is a polite gentleman who happens to be make beautiful unique designs -- functional art as well as assists other famous artists.

You can visit his website but just and FYI he has a special niche as well as his main stream designs like lamps and tables and even unusual custom items including for rap videos... He designs high end artistic functional thangs that Christian Grey would appreciate.

Just so you know word on the street is Fifty Shades is not realistic at all and doesn't represent the real community out there.  I got through book one but I can't seem to get through book two.

I do want to do my own book one day which I think would be far sexier.

p.s. The film maker should hire Walsh as a consultant and builder for the more unique aspects of the films that I am sure will do as well as the box office as the book have done at the bookstores.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dick Jewl Pic-A-Nicker T Shirt Belladonna Porn Star in Mag

click on this link and see the front of the T shirt -- I saw in the subway --- 
I asked if the t shirt was a scratch and sniff...

Belladonna the Porn Star had quite a spread in the magazine and she is someone like us all that has suffered but some how she has come out on top in a man's world transcending the oppressive leering consuming males to make her fortune and a new breed of non-plasticized porn stars.

If anything extremely abusive was done to her she appears to take it to a further extreme and cash in on it.

She is unusual and she is also beautiful.