Monday, June 30, 2008

SBT thermal photo on my way to donate platelets, thinking karma and other NYC issues

Yes I resisted Apple all these years but despite their mega chain mega stamp I don't like it was worth throwing out my Dell and converting because the tech is superior and the support is even more amazing.

I still don't have Time Warner which means no internet and tv.  

I am still experiencing the new little development I am living in.  What is beautiful about it is "very" but I can see the rush to build in every nick and scratch on almost every surface of my home.   I can't bare the noise of construction and the site of cranes which is inescapable and I just pray no more people are injured or hurt.   

Going to donate my platelets.  I still can't find so many things that are scattered about including my wire to connect my camera so I will photograph my platelet donation on my iphone.  I just hope my blood donations go to good souls, people that really appreciate the effort because it is an effort for me.

ps    Can't find my bad boy calendars -- I am confident the ones I use to bring are still safe in storage but it looks like the other half are gone...lost or stolen is my new term...under the stress and duress of moving.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

feeling the heat despite the hot weather

hot day and pollution hangs over the entire city like a big dirty sweater
I think
of something even hotter but more wonderful
ex lovers
no lies or economic ties
just fire in the best way
as in passion
happy memories
in my mind