Sunday, July 13, 2008

Metropolitan Musuem

Leave it to this sculpture to interpret Greek Mythology.  I wish I could make him come to life.

Visited the Metropolitan Museum today and of course I always stop by and visit this fellow but I can't never get his attention.

Hey Perseus!!!!!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Anna Lise of Yoga Face book fame has a beautiful baby this morning!!!!!!

So happy for her and her husband, Anna Lise gave birth to a baby girl this morning.
Certain parts of my body have been feeling HUGELY sympathetic.

Based on my cycle the guys in the neighborhood are safe but it is hard seeing all these babies everywhere and not having one!
I get these extra intense urges which is surprising at my age.

I am tooooooo tired and this community crushing development has wiped me out so the reality is no babies unless I have a late in life surprise and I have the energy, money and love and support to go for it. Just thinking about it this morning makes me tired.

So happpppppppppyyyyyyy and I can't wait to hold the baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!