Sunday, March 30, 2008

Murderville in the East Village - a sketch for a short story I wrote a long time ago as cartharisis

I wrote this and posted this on myspace twice --- one posting June 2007 and of course I sent it to The New Yorker and yes, I see it as an indie film. Yes, murderville -- murder, yes there is a murder but it is symbolic of the murder of the Village, community, of attempting to silence voices of people who speak up -- so instead we have a "mega retail shopping mall culture" with plastic like people -- surgerized that live in glass aquariums, mirrored hotels and mega dorms...
The ending is Agatha Christie like and the obvious supsects are innocent and the guilty parties are many and they use intimidation to attempt to silence people who know because it is about big bucks investments including real estate and "other big money deals that are part of this "new economy of mega wealth and oligarchy posing as democracy"...and justice is served because it is my "treatment" short story sketch aka art. She has her ways even if the story starts out with her deader than a door knob.

Any similarities to people, groups, institutions, anything or anybody is purely coincidental.

Murder-ville East Village

Murder-Ville East Village -- murders in the Village, Bowery and LES but the title is a metaphor for our historic buildings, history community-- and the coming of this new hideous new york -- the stats for murder by the precinct remain low but people are isn't AIDs this time around and the coroner thinks it may be death dust from 9-11 or maybe -- it may be something else......?????????

Murderville--I am basing it on the"murder" of St. Ann's Church and the battering of St. Brigid's and far more but there is a murder -- although the police can't find her body - the new techno whiz kid on the force has picked up her cell phone (tracking device)for a moment on the newest state of the art computers donated by one of our billionaires -- in fact the whiz kid cop is a young billionaire Internet genius that like the mayor is on the payroll for just a buck...go figure. He looses the signal and is it because of another con ed black out (infrastructure problems that no one wants to talk about or her ghost who is angrier and more effective than Hamlet's dad's ghost because the true guilty parties responsible for her death are not going to be arrested so her ghost is not leaving the neighborhood anytime soon-- her ghost in not leaving the East Village until justice is served. If you think technology is watching you, you are right but so is a very angry ghost and she is going to make sure justice is served and she has unlimited time and resources.

The answer also lies in an African American homeless man's art and the police walk by his collage that would unlock the mystery but they just don't see it. They have arrested a local bad boy who is innocent and is preparing to sue for big bucks but in the new economy of real estate Boesky like shuffle of shady dealings -- even if the bad boy wins a million bucks -- that is bubkas. Ironically the bad boy is a saint compared to the people truly responsible for her death but he is an easy target -- he is innocent and he has a hippie lawyer with the heart of a pit bull on steroids.

Of course the computer nerd police man falls in love with the murder victim but unlike that stunning film "Laura" (one of my favorite "old" movies) she is dead...He is a funny character who is very isolated because of his genius and has never had a "real" girlfriend.

The police think it is one person responsible for her murder but in the first page I lay out it all out --in your face like a scattered jig saw puzzle (but it doesn't come together until the last page) and there are so many people involved it is hard to conceive let alone prosecute and that is what makes the short story fun to write because it is all spelled out in the first page but I have to make the readers want to read why they will never be caught or maybe they will -- by their own fatal flaw, their achilles heel, their greed or by a very angry ghost or the techno cop whiz kid....?

Also, there may even be some giant infrastructure collapse -- the kind that looks like a terrorist attack and all the new buildings that are mainly mirrored aquariums for the new economy of mega bucks collapse along with the mega dorms that were world record speed builds while the pre war building are left standing....

Muderville in the East Village -- a short story on my mind....

note: if she is found under the newest mega dorm on St. Ann's Church -- digging up her body would inconvenience the 900 students that are pre-booked to live there -- she was murdered and was not meant to be found -- is her body going to turn up because of the new techno-policing, massive infrastructure collapse -- the biggest in NYC's history....or not at all....?