Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sexual McCarthyism returns to NYC & Lower East Side

I am not going to break the news about more sexual McCarthyism to hit NYC and this specific case the Lower East Side targeting unfairly the fairer sex.  Why am I not telling you?   I want to so badly.  Because I am pretty sure this is heading to court so it is a wait and see attitude before I tell you anymore....

The only safe place to see, think and about sex maybe the Met Museum.  See posting below this one and how ironic for many reasons including sex is used to sell just about everything and Hollywood resembles porno more and more and porno is going more mainstream so go figure. Most startling is advertising starting with the Brooke Shields Calvin Klein ad campaign way back when...truly disturbing but that made it to main stream television.  Very odd the double standards and there are so many....Also if you are rich and usual male you can get away with just about anything....or it feels that way...

Along with so many infrastructure collapses including Wall St., economic meltdown, mortgage mess it seems that sexual freedoms are crashing as well.

Welcome to the new hideous New York.

p.s.   He was a genius and he has a short story about a society that is anti-sex and anti-aging.