Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Suzannah wishing she could do an ironic take-off on Demi Moore pregnant cover Vanity Fair

I have been trying,  even sat on a stage and had a friend photograph me but could not get a photo I like of my wish to darkly parody the Demi Moore Vanity Fair pregnancy photo.

I have fibroid tumors including one that is pedunculated http://pedunculatedfibroid.com/ and although I pay a fortune for health insurance and wonder and worry about that -- the MD's I visited were awful except for one man I like.  His waiting room was backed to the brim and he was backed up for hours. The women like him so much they assured me he was worth the wait.

There was a woman growing her baby right next to her tumor.  There was an older magical Lesbian woman who told me like me she was told the fibroids go away after menopause but her fibroid did not go away and grew big and larger than a baby.  Startling but she was so optimistic and positive.  She and all the women in the waiting room loved this guy so I hung in.  I didn't even have to take off my close. He used sonar to look at my tummy.

I visited a bunch of MD's and only one creepy guy fREEEAKKED me out but the rest said if I want I could still have a baby and to just leave my body alone.  None of those chic treatments so many women except me have happily pursued.

My stomach just gets so swollen.

I have supplements I was suggested by my acupuncturist -- one called  DIM  click here to read how DIM helps shrink fibroids.


There are also several yoga books for shrinking tumors highly recommended.  There are even herbal teas but you must not taken them when you have your period or if you were preggers.

Acupuncture can heal fibroids as well.

I do think my body was stuck in fight and flight and a very traumatic experience that went on for too long allowed the release of hormones like cortisol on my body that reaked havoc and I had a lot of side effects and I believe this fibriods are just one of them.

Everything I was told about getting older has not been true.   I don't think I have shrunk anything.  I need to eat less which in this weather is not easy but I wanted to make a statement dark and ironic.

Now when I see older women with swollen tummies I wonder if they are preggers of if they have some big tumors.