Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey Dream Designer Would be Walsh Metal Works


Sullivan Walsh is a polite gentleman who happens to be make beautiful unique designs -- functional art as well as assists other famous artists.

You can visit his website but just and FYI he has a special niche as well as his main stream designs like lamps and tables and even unusual custom items including for rap videos... He designs high end artistic functional thangs that Christian Grey would appreciate.   http://sullivanwalsh.tumblr.com

Just so you know word on the street is Fifty Shades is not realistic at all and doesn't represent the real community out there.  I got through book one but I can't seem to get through book two.

I do want to do my own book one day which I think would be far sexier.

p.s. The film maker should hire Walsh as a consultant and builder for the more unique aspects of the films that I am sure will do as well as the box office as the book have done at the bookstores.