Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gentrification has become supersification.

Gentrification has become supersification.

I renamed gentrification because of this tsunami of community crushing development post 9-11 thanks to the Bloomberg administration.

Super-si-f-ication....with an emphasis on the "f" for the middle, lower income and poor...
the evictions continue to rise with these hideous mega dorms, sky piercing mirrored condos and hotels that reflect a history destroyed and a community no longer welcome.

You either have to leave or apply to one of the 5 Universities that have mega dorms in the neighborhood or try to get in to a homeless shelter on the Bowery sandwiched between the zone busting Bowery Hotel that looks like a prison and the pink unmarked NYU student housing.  NYU told me they are leasing that building on the Bowery and the owner won't let them put up their ubiquitous NYU flag, hmmm, I wonder why? 

We are not welcome in the communities that we made so attractive to college kids, film makers, wall streeters and entertainers.  They only thing the mayor, John Sexton, Amanda Burden and company have not done is  provide transportation, you know,  buses, trains and NYU trolleys to move us least not yet.