Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Bloomy Sex Toy on Sale? The Wolfson on Sale? A sign of the times? Mike Bloomberg oust the king no third term for the Bloomie king Mike.

Bloomy Sex Toy on sale? Now, you know I wasn't talking about Mike Bloomberg or the Wolfson!!! I am talking about the recession and small business!


As so many mourn NYC because the Bloomberg administration has supersized our historic neighborhoods, caused massive displacements all in the name of higher ed., Mike and socialite mega millionaire City Planner Amanda Burden crushed our communities city wide for their good developer friends even supporting the displacement -- one big mass eviction of Manhattanville for Columbia University. NYU and Cooper Union can get the job down without abusing eminent domain.

Mike Bloomberg thinks everyone is for sale! Check out the Wolfson link above!!!!!! Mike bought the Wolfson and Wolfson is the Bloomy pit bull but not as cute and cuddly and loyal as pit bulls were originally bred to be.

I am not talking about Sex in the City either because the tv show is not about sex but about rich gals shopping and talking, shopping and shopping....boring.

The Bloomy on sale is a sign of the times.

The recession has hit hard and people will say it was not Mike Bloomberg's fault but I believe the mass evictions of small businesses is and if he was such a great business man why did he not see the collapse of Wall Street coming, etc. etc. etc. ?

Mike may spend what, 200 million or maybe a billion to buy advertisements, people, votes etc. ....why I even dreamed Mike Bloomberg was in my bed trying to win my vote. By the way, friends and followers cringe and comfort me when I tell them I dreamt I was in a very big bed andMike was in bed with me but he looked his age. We did NOT HAVE SEX. Mike and company, the third termers that denied us a referendum --- are trying to get us all in bed so to speak or just hoping we are not paying attention to what has been going down and it is a huge turn off. If more voters knew I believe they would these third termers out!

Even the toughest NYPD interrogators will not get the name of the store where I took this photo or any info about what is the Bloomie exactly. The NYPD has been known to raid these stores and take a lot of photos. I would love to be a fly on the wall when they go over the evidence and photos from raids. Please note: The name Bloomy has no connection to our like emperor of NYC, the king of New York, our mayor for two maybe three or four terms, maybe four-ever mayor!!!!!!!!!!

Bloomberg has brought Sexual McCarthyism back to NYC as he robs the city of it's soul, Mom and Pop businesses, supermarkets, long term residents, even made Babe Ruth's ghost homeless... He has flown our homeless out of NYC and we are next. He and that wicked witch socialite Amanda Burden have made the Lower East Side look like a bad xerox of Dubai!

Remember to vote Mike Bloomberg out of office and all his third termers he made dizzy with his slushy money. I call his city council members Mr. Slushy and Mrs. Slushy....