Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mae West Walking tour coming to you or should I say come out and focus on female power!!!!!!

received this missive!!!!!!

Hello from a dramatist in Washington Square!
Enjoyed your comments about MAE WEST and I wanted you to know I give an annual walking tour dedicated to the Brooklyn-born trailblazer on or near her birthday.
This year's walking tour is Sunday afternoon August 16th.
We'll start at Shubert Alley at 4 PM and focus on female power:
"GAUDY GIRLS on The Great White Way: Mae West and Texas Guinan in the Theatre District."
Details are on my Texas Guinan Blog TexasGuinan.blogspot.com - - - and also on my Mae West blog.
Stay happy, Mae

+For you youngsters, Mae West was a ground breaker in many ways from her earthy sense of humor and celebration of women as sexually empowered to her business acumen. She was hugely successful business woman starting from the most humble background in Brooklyn. Madonna has clearly molded her self after Mae West and other blonde bomb shells but Madonna never came close to Mae West's to sexy, funny and empowering theatrics.

Thanks Mae, I will try and stay happy but NYC is a tough town as you know when you got arrested by the NYPD performing in your play SEX on Broadway, the play you wrote. The mayor of NYC was behind your unfair arrests and I know many gay men protesting Mike Bloomberg because they feel the same way right now in 2009. The NYPD brought you to what is now Jefferson Library and than was a court house in the West Village and you were found guilty! But Mae you always were a winner and did your time with grace and good humor of course!

I love you Mae!
Suzannah B. Troy

Watch my YouTube "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York Part 2"
and give me 5 stars or do not come up and see me sometime, right Mae!!!???!!!!!