Monday, January 14, 2008

I also always wanted to add my word list because words are also my art. I can't spell and a lot of creativity came from my difficulty with spelling. I love "words". I have to make up my own words or terms to express myself.

Inner beauty switch = I have my inner beauty switch turned on.
mega dorm--we have been mega dormed to death

"Globalisation of My Privatization"

me monster = look out narcissism is a destroyer

spiritual vitamins

geo-sexual politics meaning we still ain't equal...I know feminists say we have come along way but we are capable of coming a lot more!!!

sexual cpr

virtual unreality (this term was part of a poem I had in the skylight window in bar Madame X on Houston Street but due to water damage they took out the window with my poem but they always got lots of compliments on it!) It was part of an art exhibition I had so long ago and they asked me to leave it up which of course I was happy to do. The poem is at the top of my archive page at

sexual sonar

Techno-Penis Head = Male Medusa, as usual there never seems to be any male creatures in mythology etc that has the male as destroyer so I created this painting and it is at the bottom of Women really like the painting and I have sold t-shirts and give permission to reproduce it because it clearly resonants.