Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Found Karl last night and a sketch and two poems on Tompkins

I found Karl heading towards Tompkins Square Park and he was cold so I got him a hat. I hope he made it back downtown to Heuss House last night. I know his right leg was hurting him. He was sober so I bought him a cup of coffee. He doesn't "push a Cadillac" aka "shopping cart" so he wouldn't take a blanket. He is one of the few New Yorker's that is anti-clutter and I hope to lose a lot of clutter. Karl is not a lost soul. He just needs a room of his own and a safe place. I understand. We understand about needing a home and needing a safe place to call home.

This is pre--I got my reading glasses and some light...I also meant to post on www.suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com so to read the cleaned up post go to my other blog.


Lost souls
sit in Tompkins Square Park
waiting as if some bus
will arrive
but it ain't ever going to arrive,
toothless, vicious cycles, broken dreams and needles,
empty bottles of alcohol and drugs,
under the stunning green canopy Tompkins


light illuminates
magnificent trees
connecting living tapestry
shelter from chaotic city
swaying softly
living canvas
enduring stories
poetry alive at peace
I am at peace rich moments precious quietude
under the stunning green tapestry

hard to read my quick notes but this is the jist of my poems...one rough real one too pretty.
Also wrote this down...

"A Survivor once said to me "when the desire to live becomes greater than the pain inflicted on you, you cease to be a victim and you become a survivor.

Leslyn Stewart widow of Det. Dillion Stewart